Small Business Owner Tools and Support

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. There’s so much to do, plenty of directions to look for ideas, and so much conflicting advice out there. No matter if you’re working on your primary business or your next business, you can’t waste time and you don’t really have the luxury to “sit down and learn.”

 We can help. 

Move Fast

You’re out there trying to get everything to work now. You don’t have time to sift through a lot of material, get your head filled with platitudes, and wait forever for the important stuff. You have simple, straightforward needs:  

  • I want to earn more customers. 
  • I need to create fast, effective media.
  • I need better tools for productivity.
  • I need guidance more than knowledge.
  • I want to be more known, be the authority, get more attention.  

Over the last few years, we’ve helped a few thousand people just like you to select exactly what tools and ideas and insights will bring their business further ahead. Need to earn more customers? We’ve got you. Building a new practice? We can help. Looking for answers more than motivation? That’s our specialty.  

Join Owner Insider

Our Owner Insider experience is a monthly subscription plan (quit ANY time) that gives you access to the very best of what we have to offer:  

  • We’ll Hand You the Smarts - we’ve produced over a hundred skill webinars, courses, and jumpstarts. Give us an idea what your challenges are and what you need to accomplish and we’ll guide you forward. 
  • Hands On Support - work with us directly to build exactly what you need to move you to a win. Our expertise is yours to command
  • Monthly personalized LIVE Q&A - ask us anything. Get the full range of skills of our business analysis and consultation at one fraction of the cost of even an hour of time with us. (And yes, we take your questions early and record answers if you can’t be there live.) 
  • Pick and Choose - with over 100 courses, skill webinars, and jumpstart projects, there’s a lot of material to configure into your specific success path. 
  • Private Growth Community - join us and other insiders like you for 24/7 chat and interaction via our private growth community. Ask for referrals, help, collaboration, and accountability partners.  

And you have access to all this at any time. It doesn’t matter if you can’t check in until 2am. You’ve got materials to work through, ways to reach us, and a whole network of other Insiders like you looking to move forward towards your goals.  

What You Get

Pick up skills and insights in the way that works best for you. We have videos, downloadable PDF documents, live human beings. If you’ve got a particular way you want to get smarter and better at business, we’ve got you covered. Beyond that, this is what’s included in your monthly membership (cancel any time):  

  • Over 100 skill webinars, courses, and jumpstart projects.
  • Monthly live Q&A. (Again, if you can’t be there live, it’s all good.)
  • (Nearly) Unlimited Email access to Chris Brogan and Rob Hatch.
  • 24/7 Chat with Chris, Rob, and other Insiders like you. 
  • 2 NEW Skill Webinars per month. 
  • New Courses as they roll out.  

Never ever ever (ever) worry if you’re “using enough” of this. Instead, put your goals on the table in the middle of us, and let’s all work towards getting you to that next win. Nothing here is built to overwhelm you. We’ll customize your learning experience down to your individual needs and capabilities.  

Who You Might Be

Just in case you’re worried you don’t fit in, you might be: 

  • Owners of small or solo businesses Employees thinking of owning their own project or business
  • People ages 20-84 (she turns 85 in a few months, so we’ll change this then)
  • Tech and business newbies welcome (you don’t have to be Wozniak or Jobs)
  • People with lower to medium confidence, but who’d love more confidence
  • Shy people who are still freaked out by selfies
  • People who LOVE selfies (People who don’t know what a selfie even is)  

We’re here to help. Promise.


  • This is a monthly subscription. It’s built so that you can grow at your own pace. We’re here to help you win.  
  • You can cancel any time you want. It’s SUPER easy to cancel. We promise. We’re just like you. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We’ll help however we can.

The Details

  • $100 USD/month
  • Cancel any time. (No, really. Cancel any time.) 
  • Instant access to the peer coaching group
  • Monthly live Q&A video calls 
  • Daily access to us! 
  • Instant access to ALL courses (each costs around $500, so this pays for itself)
  • Instant access to ALL webinars
  • Did we mention cancel any time? 
Only $100/mo

Special Offer

  • $999 for 2020 and beyond.
  • Get 13 Months of Insider.
  • Cancel any time. (No, really. Cancel any time.) 
  • Instant access to the peer coaching group
  • Monthly live Q&A video calls 
  • Daily access to us! 
  • Instant access to ALL courses (each costs around $500, so this pays for itself)
  • Instant access to ALL webinars
$999 for 2020 and beyond!

You Already Know What Hasn’t Worked

Give us a try and let us show you how to get done what you’ve been putting off. Let us help you start something you’ll want to brag about later. We’re regular people like you. (Okay, we’re actually really weird, but we aren’t fussy or fancy.) And we’re smart as hell. And a little irreverent. But most importantly for you, we’re dedicated to your success.

Not to Brag (Going to Brag)

Chris here - I’ve worked with and/or spoken for some of the biggest companies in the world. Coke, GM, Google, Microsoft, Titleist, Sony, etc, etc, etc. I’ve been flown to far off lands to speak with an actual princess. I get the opportunity to work with huge and small companies (and solo owners) every single day. This is my entire business life. (My personal life also includes a wonderful lady, some great kids, and too much Xbox, but that’s another story.)

I KNOW that I can help you if you give me a shot. It’s my promise to you.

Join me. Okay?

(And if you have questions? Email me: and I’ll answer. Me. Not some robot.)