How To FINALLY Get Started

Hey, we get it! You already read a lot of blogs, listen to tons of podcasts, and stay caught up with all the latest trends. And yet you’re still stumbling. You still have challenges. You’re still looking for the building blocks to success that haven’t yet snapped into place for you. 

YOU HAVEN’T STARTED that new project, that business idea, that big new shift. (Are you a non-starter? It happens. We get it.) 

Clarity + Action + Community

What messes up most of us is that big gap between taking in a whole lot of information and ideas and then actually turning that into the work you need to do to reach that next level of success. That’s where we come in. 

Look, you have all the learning. You have too much! And it didn’t work before. Rob and I don’t want to break it to you this way, but nothing’s going to change by just absorbing more. Amazing as we are, we can’t fix that. 

So what’s the difference? What are we selling you? Here’s the secret formula: 

Clarity plus action plus community. 

But I’ve Done This Already

You’ve bought online courses before and it didn’t work. You might have joined an online mastermind group. It felt lame. We know. I know. I get emails like that all the time from people right after they sign up with me. They say, “Oh man, when I signed up with that other guy/gal, I thought there’d be all kinds of magical secrets on the other side of the paywall and it was junk. Blog posts made into PDFs and garbage.” 

Ugh. Who DOES that? 

Well, not us. That’s who. (Um, who doesn’t do that.) 

Sign up with us and it’s all unicorns and… no it’s not. It’s just help. Helpful helpy help.

Owner Insider

When you join up, you get INSTANT access to the following: 

  • A private group coaching experience with owners like you. 
  • Monthly Q&A conversations. 
  • DAILY access to get answers to your specific challenges. 
  • Accountability partners to keep you on track. 
  • Business referral help and bartering opportunities.
  • All the courses we’ve created. And new ones as they come out.
  • All our webinars. And the new ones, too. Silly.

That’s a lot to absorb, but look it over. You are surrounded instantly with people tackling a lot of the same challenges as you. Some will be ahead of you on the path and some are a bit behind. You can help and be helped by some smart business people, and us too! 

Every month, you can look forward to two webinars and a live Q&A video call to keep your skills honed. And any day of the week, you can dig into specific actionable stuff to push you towards success.

Magic trick: you don’t HAVE to do any courses and webinars to make this thing worth it. The coaching and peer stuff is worth it. There. Just saved you some hours, my friend. 

Oh, and you know what you MIGHT need? You might just start in our little private group and say, “Hey. I’m all jumbled up. I just need a path. I need a roadmap forward. Here’s my mess. What would YOU do?” 

We can fix it. 

Our Approach to Everything

We make everything as clear as possible, as simple (but not easy) as possible, and straightforward. None of us have time for gobbledigook! We want that time to use for shenanigans, instead!

If you’re looking for fancy, fussy, big-worded stuff to help you “establish your world-class paradigm shifting thought leadership,” that guy’s down the street. Also, we don’t really crush, hustle, hack, or anything else that sounds like a bad 70s movie.

We believe in work. We believe in sharing. We believe in seeing something measurable for our efforts.

Everything we do starts with a goal. We explain what you’re looking to solve by engaging with the material in front of you. Then, we walk you through the action steps to get done what needs doing. We challenge you to go launch a test project to apply what you’ve learned. And we encourage you to connect with your fellow Owner Insiders to build accountability, seek out answers from your peers, and to share in the experience of growth.

The Pitch and Some Details

  • $179 USD/month
  • Cancel any time. (No, really. Cancel any time.) 
  • Instant access to the peer coaching group
  • Monthly live Q&A video calls 
  • Daily access to us! 
  • Instant access to ALL courses (each costs around $500, so this pays for itself)
  • Instant access to ALL webinars
  • Did we mention cancel any time? 

You Already Know What Hasn’t Worked

Give us a try and let us show you how to get done what you’ve been putting off. Let us help you start something you’ll want to brag about later. We’re regular people like you. (Okay, we’re actually really weird, but we aren’t fussy or fancy.) And we’re smart as hell. And a little irreverent. But most importantly for you, we’re dedicated to your success.

Not to Brag (Going to Brag)

Chris here - I’ve worked with and/or spoken for some of the biggest companies in the world. Coke, GM, Google, Microsoft, Titleist, Sony, etc, etc, etc. I’ve been flown to far off lands to speak with an actual princess. I get the opportunity to work with huge and small companies (and solo owners) every single day. This is my entire business life. (My personal life also includes a wonderful lady, some great kids, and too much Xbox, but that’s another story.)

I KNOW that I can help you if you give me a shot. It’s my promise to you.

Join me. Okay?

(And if you have questions? Email me: and I’ll answer. Me. Not some robot.)